Online Slots- Worth The Risk?

Online Slots- Worth The Risk?

Online slots, also known as e-gambling is putting a specific amount of money or valuable assets on stake via internet platforms such as poker, online casinos, horse race betting, teen Patti & lotteries in the hope of making additional money.

Benefits of Online slots

  • Privacy- one can easily access any casino or gambling website with a single click at the comfort of their home.
  • Investment opportunities- limited and appropriate use of such sites can turn out to be great investment opportunities and help with the economy.

Risks of Online slots

  • Security breach – the very first benefit of Online slots i.e., privacy can be compromised easily as there are plethora of hackers who can access and hack into the accounts of Online slots sites which puts the gambler at risk of losing not only money but valuable personal information such as account number, credit/debit card information, phone number etc.
  • Addiction- since one can access these sites or apps anytime and anywhere, they tend to play even 24 hours a day. Such addiction is harmful for their lifestyle.
  • Losing track of money being spent-
  • Online slots (สล็อตออนไลน์) require use of credit cards as opposed to the use of loyalty cards in physical casinos. This can lead to the player not realizing the amount of money spent and keep playing.
  • Scam- New players can fall into the traps of fraudulent sites and lose their money for good.

Effect Of Online slots Among The Youth

  • The teen years/early adulthood are the make or break years of life. Unfortunately, a large number of students, young workers are becoming more and more addicted and putting their money on these sites in the hopes of making more money.
  • Specifically, in India gambling is considered illegal however there’s no such law which considers Online slots illegal.
  • These sites take advantage of this loophole to lure people into betting their hard earned money and if they lose it they put more of their time and assets to win the lost money back. Unfortunately for them, they get tangled up in this vicious cycle.

Clearly, the list of cons of online slots surpasses the pros by a huge mark. It has become excessively prevalent nowadays to gamble online especially among teens. This can be highly tempting but is destructive at the same time. Instead of gambling one should put their money to good use like charity or other legal investments.